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27 Feb


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26 Feb

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26 Feb

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23 Feb

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13 Feb

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12 Feb

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10 Easy ways to live healthier

12 Feb

1. Think positive and focus on gratitude

Research shows a healthy positive attitude helps build a healthier immune system and boosts overall health. Your body believes what you think, so focus on the positive.

2. Eat your vegetables

Shoot for five servings of vegetables a day — raw, steamed, or stir-fried. A diet high in vegetables is associated with a reduced risk of developing cancers of the lung, colon, breast, cervix, esophagus, stomach, bladder, pancreas and ovary. And many of the most powerful phytonutrients are the ones with the boldest colors — such as broccoli, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, grapes and leafy greens.


3. Set a “5-meal ideal”

What, when and how much you eat can keep both your metabolism and your energy levels steadily elevated, so you’ll have more all-day energy. A “5 meal ideal” will help you manage your weight, keep your cool, maintain your focus and avoid cravings.

4. Exercise daily 

Did you know that daily exercise can reduce all of the biomarkers of aging? This includes improving eyesight, normalizing blood pressure, improving lean muscle, lowering cholesterol and improving bone density. If you want to live well and live longer, you must exercise! Studies show that even 10 minutes of exercise makes a difference — so do something! Crank the stereo and dance in your living room. Sign up for swing dancing or ballroom-dancing lessons. Walk to the park with your kids or a neighbor you’d like to catch up with. Jump rope or play hopscotch. Spin a hula hoop. Play water volleyball. Bike to work. Jump on a trampoline. Go for a hike.

5. Get at good night’s sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, try relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga. Or eat a small bedtime snack of foods shown to help shift the body and mind into sleep mode: whole grain cereal with milk, oatmeal, cherries or chamomile tea. Darken your room more and turn your clock away from you. Write down worries or stressful thoughts to get them out of your head and onto the page. This will help you put them into perspective so you can quit worrying about them.

6. Give yourself a break

“I spend countless hours doing cardio and never seem to lose that last 10 pounds!” is a common complaint. Give yourself permission to shorten your workout. Believe it or not, overtraining could be the problem. Your body can plateau if not given adequate rest to restore itself, ultimately leading to a decline in performance. Fatigue, moodiness, lack of enthusiasm, depression and increased cortisol (the “stress” hormone) are some hallmarks of overtraining syndrome. Creating a periodization program — breaking up your routine into various training modes — can help prevent overtraining by building rest phases into your regimen. For example, you might weight train on Monday and Wednesday, cycle on Tuesday and Thursday, run on Friday and rest on Saturday and Sunday. You can also help balance your program by simply incorporating more variety.

7. Think small

Often the biggest deterrent to improving health is feeling overwhelmed by all the available advice and research. Try to focus first on one small, seemingly inconsequential, unhealthy habit and turn it into a healthy, positive habit. If you’re in the habit of eating as soon as you get home at night, instead keep walking shoes in the garage or entryway and take a quick spin around the block before going inside. If you have a can of soda at lunchtime every day, have a glass of water two days a week instead. Starting with small, painless changes helps establish the mentality that healthy change is not necessarily painful change. It’s easy to build from here by adding more healthy substitutions.

8. Keep good company

You can do all the right things — but if you have personal relationships with people who have unhealthy habits, it is often an uphill battle. The healthiest people are those who have relationships with other healthy people. Get your family or friends involved with you when you walk or plan healthier meals. Making healthy changes with a loved one can bring you closer together as well as motivate you.


9. Make a list … and check it twice

Take a few minutes and write down all the reasons you can’t begin a program. Then look at the basis of each reason. For instance, if you wrote, “No time” as one of your reasons, then perhaps that’s based on a belief that an exercise program takes a lot of time. Starting with even five minutes a day will have a positive effect because you will have created a healthy habit where one didn’t exist before, and that’s a powerful mental adjustment. A closer look at your list will expose those false beliefs hiding behind each excuse.

10. Sign up for an event

Let’s face it, exercising just for the sake of exercising or losing weight can get boring. Spice things up by signing up for an event like a run/walk race or a cycling ride where you can be part of a team. Doing so gives your workouts a new purpose, and it’s fun to be around others who are exercising just like you — not to mention that most events benefit nonprofit organizations, which doubles your feel-good high.

Spiced Wine

10 Feb



♦ 1 bottle of red wine

♦ 3 cloves (whole spices)

♦ 3 black peppercorns

♦ 1 star anise pod

♦ 1 stick of cinnamon

♦ 1/8 cup of honey

♦ Peel and juice of 1 orange

♦ Peel of 1/2 Meyer lemon

♦ 1 vanilla pod 




Add ingredients to a large pot on the stove and simmer over low. Stir to combine. Serve when warm, and garnish with citrus peel floating in the drink


Thanks Swooned!

The lost art of making the perfect mixtape

10 Feb

The art – and make no mistake about it, it is an art –  of making a mix tape is one lost on a generation that only has to drag and drop to complete a mix. There’s no love or passion involved in moving digital songs from one folder to another.  Those “mixes” are just playlists held prison inside a device. There’s no blood, sweat and tears involved in making them.

When the mix was completed, you’d sit back and admire your handiwork. You’d play it a couple of times, making sure the theme stayed intact, the segues were perfect, the message came through loud and clear. Then you’d painstakingly write the track list on the card provided with the cassette, squeezing in the long titles, making sure you got the artist’s name spelled right, obsessively checking over and over again that the track listing was correct. The next two hours would consist of you sitting on your bedroom floor staring at the tape while you tried to come up with a brilliant title, one that at once spoke of both the awesome music contained in the cassette and the feeling you were trying to convey. It didn’t matter if the cassette was a subtle gift to a would-be lover, an offering of empathy to a newly single friend or a morose reminder to yourself of the dark abyss that was your life – you had to have the right title.

Does anyone put such loving, tender care into making a iTunes playlist?

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6 Feb





Philos & Fouar

5 Feb

two favourite places in Athens…

Philos Athens

“Out of our mutual love for durable goods, timeless design and the continuous search for beautiful items we created Philos Athens”

Their purpose was to create a home, a place where people feel comfortable to come in and find a little bit of what Philos Athens is about. An integrated platform of lifestyle from clothing and accessories to everyday wares offers a unique experience for all the senses.



Fouar, inspired by the French for art fair, is situated in an atmospheric urban space on the first floor of a 1930s industrial building in the center of Athens, very close to Mitropoleos square. Special attention has been given to the decor, with terracotta tiles, trees in large flowerpots, a big skylight on the ceiling, which can be opened, create the idea of an indoor garden or patio. A quiet oasis in the midst of a busy city, Fouar operates as a restaurant with mainly Asian specialties, curries, noodles, tapas, and also as a bar, with live music events. Summer cocktails include tiki specials, and you can also taste fifty wine labels. A separate space is designed as an art gallery, to host art and photography exhibitions or artistic bazaars, which will be often renewed.

Super Simple & Easy Pear Tart Recipe

5 Feb

Super Simple & Easy Pear Tart Recipe by Gabriel Nikolaidis (



  • 1 φύλλο σφολιάτας
  • 4 αχλάδια καθαρισμένα και κομμένα στη μέση
  • 4 κουταλιές της σούπας μαρμελάδα βερίκοκο
  • 2 κουταλιές της σούπας φιλέ αμύγδαλο


  • Βράζουμε σε νερό για 5 λεπτά τα αχλάδια.
  • Τα βγάζουμε και τα σουρώνουμε.
  • Σε ενα αντικολλητικό τηγάνι παιρνάμε για λίγα λεπτά το αμύγδαλο.
  • Ανοίγουμε το φύλλο σφολιάτας και το ακουμπάμε πάνω τα αχλάδια.
  • Κόβουμε περιμετρικά, αφήνοντας ένα κενό περίπου 2 εκατοστά.
  • Βγάζουμε τα αχλάδια.
  • Αλοίφουμε τα κομμάτια με μαρμελάδα.
  • Προσθέτουμε το αμύγδαλο.
  • Ξαναβάζουμε τα αχλάδια.
  • Ψήνουμε σε προθερμασμένο φούρνο στους 180°C μέχρι να ροδίσει η σφολιάτα στις άκρες.

Tip: Μπορείς να διακοσμήσεις με λίγο σιρόπι φράουλας!



  • 1 sheet of puff pastry
  • 4 pears, peeled and halved
  • 4 tablespoons apricot jam
  • 2 tablespoons almond net


  • Boil the pears for 5 minutes.
  • Take them out and drain.
  • Saute the almond in a nonstick pan for a few minutes.
  • Roll out the pastry and lean over the pears.
  • Cut around the perimeter of the pears, leaving a gap of about 2 cm.
  • Remove pears.
  • Spread the apricot jam.
  • Add the almonds.
  • Places the pears.
  • Bake in preheated oven at 180 ° C until the puff pastry gets a golden brown color on the edges.

Tip: You may decorate this dessert with some strawberry sauce.

Serve With Love


4 Feb

ART & DOCS: Obsessive Talents

February 5-11 2015

The Greek Film Archive and Exile Room present a documentary showcase dedicated to the obsessive nature of artistry. From February 5 to 11, a handful of award-winning directors attempt to document the elusive nature of talent: comics, erotica, street photography, avant garde cinema, classic masterpieces and near abominations all parade in front of the camera, for your eyes only! A hand-picked selection local fine artists and curators will “adopt” the films, exploring the limits of artistic expression.

Some of the movies are…

Tim's Vermeer 2

Tim’s Vermeer

Finding Vivian Maier 3

Finding Vivian Maier

National Gallery 4

National  Gallery

Le Mystère Picasso 4

Le Mystère Picasso

See you there!




4 Feb

There are so many reasons that I love attending the theatre…

Theatre teaches us about ourselves. It helps us understand how our minds and the minds of others work. It helps us to see how the environments in which we live affect who we are and who we will become. Theatre is a great way to lean about history. Rather than learning history from reading it in a dusty textbook, theatre makes history come alive right before our eyes. Theatre reminds us that, even in this ever-changing digital age, there is a human body at the center of every digital transaction. Accounting for the body in the design of the future will help us make technology that works for us rather than us working for technology.  Theatre helps us understand people from cultures other than our own. We can learn a lot about people from cultures all around the world by studying their performance traditions. In doing so, we can learn to be less ethnocentric, and more accepting of others. Performance permeates every aspect of our everyday lives. Power relationships are constructed through performances. Understanding how performances unfold around us can help us to recognize and take control of the power dynamics that affect us.  heatre is a cultural space where society examines itself in a mirror.

Theatre has long been looked at as a laboratory in which we can study the problems that confront society and attempt to solve those problems. Theatre is a great way to learn. Going to the theatre teaches us about people, places, and ideas to which we would not otherwise be exposed. Learning in a theatrical setting makes learning fun. Theatre helps us to develop our creativity. As our education system increasingly puts an emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and math, we cannot forget the importance of art.

These are my favorite performances of this winter, what about yours?

  • “The Pillowman”  Martin Mc Donagh

ο Πουπουλένιος”  Martin Mc Donagh

Θέατρο Αθηνών

Πανεπιστημίου & Βουκουρεστίου 10, Σύνταγμα – Αθήνα

  • “Η πόρνη από πάνω”  του Αντώνη Τσιπιανίτη

Θέατρο Βρετάνια. Πανεπιστημίου 7, Αθήνα

  • “Τhe Double” , Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Ο σωσίας” , Φιόντορ Ντοστογιέφσκι

Θέατρο Ροές, Γκάζι.

  • “Αbelard and Heloise” John Kalabrianos

Αβελάρδος και Ελόιζα, Γιάννης Καλαβριανός

Θέατρο Νέου Κόσμου

Το χρυσόψαρο της μνήμης

“The goldfish of the memory”

Praxi Epta Studio, Βαλτετσίου 45, Εξάρχεια

Το χρυσόψαρο της μνήμης

  • “Blood Wedding”, Federico Garcia Lorca

ο Ματωμένος Γάμος“, Federico Garcia Lorca

Θέατρο Νέου Κόσμου

“Fools”, Neil Simon

Θέατρο Αλίκη, Αμερικής 4, Αθήνα

“η Φαλακρή τραγουδίστρια”, Ευγένιος Ιονέσκο

Kubik Fabrik, C/ Primitiva Gañán 5, 28026 Madrid

  • “5 mujeres que comen tortilla” de Evan Linder y Andrew Hobgood

“5 γυναίκες που τρώνε τορτίγια” των Evan Linder και Andrew Hobgood

Teatro Alfil, Calle Pez, 10, Madrid


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