Open air cinemas in Athens

Open-air cinemas are the trademark of Greek summer and we are all waiting for them to open with eagerness. The beginning of summer projections is the signal for us to leave our houses and fill the terraces and backyards enjoying a lemon drink and popcorn.

They first opened in Greece in the beginning of 1900 and their most prolific period was between 1958-1974. They are usually on a terrace of a block of flats or in a backyard; their screen and walls around are surrounded by a floral decor to give as much as possible the impression of a traditional backyard. Jasmine is nostalgically connected to open-air cinemas.

These are my favourite 4!

1. Cine Thisio– next to Acropolis

This outdoor cinema has been described as one of the world’s best, by the CNNGo travel website.

2. Cine Psychico Classique

Love the detail with the flowers in front of the screen.

3. Cine Flisvos (next to the sea)

4. Cine Paradeisos

Cine paradeisos is an historical cinema inaugurated by Giuseppe Tornatore.

“Γυρέψαμε ένα παράθυρο στον κόσμο, ονειρευτήκαμε μια κρυφή ματιά στον παράδεισο, ανεβήκαμε στα υψίπεδα της πόλης και απλώσαμε στην ταράτσα το όνειρο μας … Αγιόκλημα, γιασεμί και ένα λευκό πανί …”


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