GIVE + TAKE love, hope, light, smile”. This is the subject of the photography exhibition, hosted by the Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation, from October 29th until November 10th, 2013.


Maro Verli, Manolis Samarakis and Panos Sinanidis participated along with a group of 45 volunteers, in an ActionAid mission in Vietnam. The goal of this mission was to build two nursery school yards in the Lai Chau Province.

“When you give love, hope, light, smile, eventually you take all these feelings, and even more, back!  That simple, just with a smile!”


Guided by this idea and their need to share it with as many people as possible, the three amateur photographers give us the chance to travel in an emotional journey through their pictures, conveying the value of “no borders charity”.


– The entrance is free – The exhibition’s revenue from the photographs’ selling will be offered to “ActionAid” and “Floga” (Parents association for children with cancer).


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