Athiri Restaurant

The term “Athiri” stands for an ancient variety of white wine originating from the islands of the Aegean Sea.

Athiri, the restaurant on the other hand, is a fine example of modern Greek cuisine, located in one of the hippest neighborhoods in Athens, Kerameikos. I were there yesterday and I am already planning to go again soon!

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Athiri’s cuisine is based on the creativity of chef Alexandros Kardasis who studies tradition and makes innovative breaks with it while maintaining close contact with its culinary style. The restaurant uses only local products such as traditional pasta from Arcadia, beans from Prespes, fava from Santorini, organic olive oil from Crete, while rocket, mountain greens and other seasonal vegetables are collected by a food scouter in Peloponnese.



This is the menu that we chose:

  • green salad with valerian, rocket, lolo rosso, cranberries, grapes, spring onion, spearmint, traditional cheese  from Ios island and vinaigrette
  • handmade ‘bureki’ (filled pasty) with minced beef, tomato and a yoghurt sauce, scented with chili
  • seasonal greens roll in a rocket pesto and chards with a cold citrus fruit sauce
  • marinated roasted chicken with honey, carrot puree and green salad with spearmint and dried apricots
  • grilled veal liver with caramelised onions and fig sauce
  • creme-brulee noisette with a cold bitter chocolate drink and cocoa crumble
  • rose ice-cream in a butter biscuit with greek coffee foam
  • and…please don’t’ hesitate to savor the restaurant’s homemade delicious bread!!!!!

These are my photos,

a3 a2

a4 a6




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