Yannis Tsarouchis : Illustrating an autobiography


The exhibition presents the history of Yannis Tsarouchis’ painting through chronological groupings, re-creating the environment in which he lived and investigating the manner in which he was influenced throughout his artistic progress.


The theme “Illustrating an autobiography” will be shown in two parts, each of which will last a full year.
Viewers will begin in Yannis Tsarouchis’s childhood in Piraeus, Athens and Kifissia, and will traverse the artist’s era through his works, what he listened to, his acquaintances, his intimates, his collaborators and his teachers. They will encounter individuals such as Fotis Kontoglou, Konstantinos Parthenis, Dimitris Pikionis, Nikos Velmos, Angeliki Hadjimichali, Eva Palmer-Sikelianou, Ellie Papadimitriou, Teriade, as well as many more in a tour that will be accompanied by photographic material, texts and interviews by the artist himself, as well as audiovisual material from Dimitris Vernikos’ documentary “Study for a portrait” and from Fotos Lambrinos´documentary “Pireaus of  Yannis Tsarouchis”.


17/10/2013 – 27/07/2014 (Opening: 16/10/2013, 20.00)



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