Walking up and down Veikou street

On Saturday November 2 you should walk up and down Veikou st. to see a group exhibition of photography.

From the beginning  of the street on number 4 and just across it number 9 (where Psit jewellery is) keep going, on both sides of the street, until number 80 (where Tintinnabulum is) photographers and other artists will be exhibiting their work, giving new life and color, even for one day, to empty shops, poster-ridden walls and other such places on the street. And don’t worry about the weather: the exhibition is on covered spots of the street.

P.S.1 from 12 at noon until 6 in the evening only because the event is outdoors and the light of day necessary
P.S.2 at Psit! (Veikou 9) and at Tintinnabulum (Veikou 80) they’ll be offering refreshments so you’re fresh to walk!
P.S.3 They’ll have a big draw with original photos from the participants as presents!

List of participants:
Anna Giarmeniti
Athena Drakopoulou
Sandy Siebou
Katerina Stamati
Pavlos Stamatis
Dimitris Tzorbatzakis
Christos Tolis
Charis Farros
Christos Movidis
and the winners of the previous event’s photo competition:
Vaso Agelakopoulou
Irini and Kostadinos
Stefanos Papachristou
Alexandra Serbi


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