Homemade Vegetable Chips

These homemade vegetable chips are the best snack for this “no meat/milk” week!


253_1 oven-baked-vegetable-chips4

Oven Roasted Beet Chips

This is a quick and easy recipe. All you need is assorted beets, olive oil, salt & pepper. We love the simplicity.

Sweet Potato Chips

This is another easy recipe from  Sweet Potato Chronicles. If you like sweet potato fries, you will love these crispy travel-friendly alternatives which only call for three ingredients and come along with a recipe for dipping sauce.

Colourful Kale Chips

This recipe for kale chips makes a delicious and nutritious snack.

Parsnip and Carrot Chips

These chips are cooked in a frying pan, making the cooking process a little more difficult for the young ones, but they will be surprised to find how tasty carrots can be!

Radish Chips

Perfect for a crunchy salad topping or an on-the-go snack, these radishes topped with salt, pepper, and rosemary, and baked for 15 minutes, are a unique hit. Tip: Since radishes shrink in the oven, make sure to find the largest ones available—a task your helper will love.

Tips to make sure your chips don’t come out soggy or burnt:

  • Try to make each chip as uniform as possible. Slicing them at the same thickness is important for even baking.
  • The right amount of oil is key. You don’t want to douse them in oil. A thin layer of oil all around the chip works best. Try using a brush for even spreading and some paper towel to soak up any excess oil (a good task for your assistant). But if you don’t have enough oil, your chips may burn quickly and lose flavour.
  • Consider using olive oil rather than vegetable oil. It’s got great flavour.
  • Some of our fave seasonings include salt, pepper,  garlic powder, cayenne, and/or herbs.
  • Make sure your oven temperature is correct—most recipes call for high heat.
  • Watch your chips closely while in the oven, especially for your first batch!



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