Be your own Best Friend!


Louise Roe - Diane Von Furstenberg Quote

Buy yourself a bunch of flowers & arrange them in a vase in your bedroom. There’s something luxurious about waking up to your favourite blossoms in the morning!

Louise Roe - Put Flowers on Your Night Stand

Google the funniest movies of all time, rent 3 of them & laugh your head off out loud all afternoon. Laughing reduces blood pressure & releases a ton of endorphins.

Louise Roe - Watch Movie That Make You Laugh

Snap & frame a totally gorgeous picture of yourself, even if it takes 100 shots, and put it into 70s tone on the computer – this is the most flattering, retro lighting

Louise Roe - Take a Gorgeous Picture of Yourself and Hang It Up

Instead of buying clothes on the sale rack, invest in a new set of something you use every day & never replace. It could be new bedsheets, pens, pillows or eye makeup.

Build a scrapbook full of your favourite quotes, Polaroid photos, magazine tears. It will become a mood board for all your inspirations, reminding you of the values & styles you want to live, dress & think by.

Buy a red lipstick. It’s not just silver screen goddesses who can wear sexy scarlet lips, so try on a few before you buy & once you own it, wear it with pride whenever you feel like it: with jeans & a sweater is to me, much nicer than saving it for a formal outfit. You will attract so much attention!

Finish a book. Not a magazine, but an actual book. Turn off your phone, Twitter & Facebook, & put aside two hours to really get into it, losing yourself in imagination. People that read on a regular basis are proven more likely to take part in charity work, volunteering & exercising

My favourite poet, Sylvia Plath, once said, “There must be quite a few things a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know one of them”. Run yourself a hot bubble bath, light candles & soak: it feels so decadent & comforting. Physical & social warmth are scientifically interchangeable, so having a hot bath helps get rid of loneliness. Try it!

Cook something from scratch, just for you. As a self-confessed terrible cook, I find supermodel Sophie Dahl’s “The Delicious Miss Dahl” YouTube videos the easiest & most fun to follow. You get lost in the mixing & chopping – I find it therapeutic.


Thanks Louise!



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