aThens sKirt BiKe 2014



A ride in the centre of the city exclusively for girls of any age. The female friends of cycling will take their bikes, will put on their most beautiful dress or stylish skirt, their high heel pumps and will meet the Skirt Bike team at Technopolis, at the Athens Bike Festival in order to go on a ride in Athens on Sunday 21 September at 11:30 in the morning.

The Athens Skirt Ride conveys the message that cycling in the city is as natural as every day life and as fun as any trip downtown. We don’t need to wear anything special and certainly we don’t need to forget the clothes we love to wear. We will not sweat and we will not feel uncomfortable. We use our bike because and whenever we can – that is always!

91011sheerdress5888web1  148548487678685286_DVvhKcaB_c article-2345025-1A6A21BA000005DC-319_634x512


Have fun girls 😉



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