Philos & Fouar

two favourite places in Athens…

Philos Athens

“Out of our mutual love for durable goods, timeless design and the continuous search for beautiful items we created Philos Athens”

Their purpose was to create a home, a place where people feel comfortable to come in and find a little bit of what Philos Athens is about. An integrated platform of lifestyle from clothing and accessories to everyday wares offers a unique experience for all the senses.



Fouar, inspired by the French for art fair, is situated in an atmospheric urban space on the first floor of a 1930s industrial building in the center of Athens, very close to Mitropoleos square. Special attention has been given to the decor, with terracotta tiles, trees in large flowerpots, a big skylight on the ceiling, which can be opened, create the idea of an indoor garden or patio. A quiet oasis in the midst of a busy city, Fouar operates as a restaurant with mainly Asian specialties, curries, noodles, tapas, and also as a bar, with live music events. Summer cocktails include tiki specials, and you can also taste fifty wine labels. A separate space is designed as an art gallery, to host art and photography exhibitions or artistic bazaars, which will be often renewed.


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